A network and team of highly qualified and dedicated translators, coordinated by Susan Ring in Berlin.

Ring Interpreting

  • is a network of translation specialists in Berlin, Germany, coordinated by Susan Ring and specialising in German to English and English to German translations,
  • works with a team of highly qualified, dedicated and efficient native speaker translators,
  • provides professional translation services, translation project management and language consulting,
  • as well as specialist language support in all areas.


Ring Interpreting is based out of Berlin, Germany and works with an outstanding team of highly competent and experienced translators and language specialists. Among our clients are a number of large German corporations in industries such as energy, automotive and M&A (mergers & acquisitions) consultancy. Our major corporate clients are located in NRW, Munich and Berlin.

We collaborate with our clients in a spirit of mutual respect and appreciation, and this is reflected in the high quality of the services we provide.

A few words about me, Susan Ring

After studying economics and German literature at University College Dublin, I emigrated to Germany in 1992 to study translation and then interpreting at the University of Applied Sciences in Cologne. I financed my studies by working as an English coach in large corporations in North Rhine-Westphalia and around Germany.

On completion of my translation and interpreting degrees in 1999, I founded Ring Interpreting, which was based in Wuppertal in the state of NRW. Then, in 2006, I completed a Master’s degree in Conference Interpreting in Cologne, subsequently taking up a lecturing position in simultaneous and consecutive interpreting and translation at the same institution.

After a year off in 2008 to travel the world, I returned to Germany and began to focus on translation project management.

Translations from German to English and English to German as well as all other European languages, translation project management and text editing.

Translation project management and German-English as well as English-German translations

Management of small to medium-sized translation projects

We work with translation clients in Berlin, Munich, NRW and other major German regions as well as in other countries around the globe to provide them with high-quality translations from German to English and English to German. We also offer translations in other European languages.

We also provide professional on-the-spot or remote translation and language services for any projects requiring high levels of linguistic competence. We pride ourselves on responding flexibly and supportively to our clients’ needs.

Some of the translation areas we specialise in include:

  • Management reports
  • Sustainability texts and sustainability reports
  • Corporate communications materials
  • Press releases
  • Company brochures, websites and profiles
  • Presentations
  • Business documents


and some of the topics we translate regularly are in the following areas:

  • Energy industry
  • Renewable energy
  • Energy transition
  • Electromobility
  • Automotive industry
  • Innovation
  • Digitalisation
  • and much more…

Other services

Editing, proofreading and post-editing of machine translation (PEMT)

New technologies are making it easier to pre-translate texts using machine translation software. However, these technologies are only rarely able to do the job of technical or creative translation well.

Make sure your company maintains its positive image on the international stage by always having a professional translator proofread and revise pre-translated texts or text you have written yourself in a foreign language.

Our professional translation service in Berlin, Germany takes your drafted English texts and sends you back the finished product.


We take your German marketing or branding content and our translation specialists based in Berlin create a version in English that reads like it has been written in that language in the first place. This is called transcreation.

How is transcreation different from a straightforward translation?

Well, marketing and branding content in different languages is based on much more than language alone. Cultural, conceptual and tonal aspects are of the essence.

Our translators, transcreation and internationalisation specialists in Berlin work with you and your German text or concept to determine exactly what you want to communicate to an international audience. Once we have identified the key messages you want to communicate, we create your texts in English.

Corporate dictionaries and style guides

Corporate dictionaries and style guides ensure uniformity of corporate language across borders.

Ring Interpreting has developed corporate dictionaries and style guides in collaboration with several large companies in NRW, Munich and other areas of Germany, ensuring successful international communication. We like to keep things simple – the focus is on quality of the terminology rather than complex software.

Our translation specialists can help you develop professionally prepared corporate glossaries and style guides in Word or Excel so that you can use them with no further effort or investment.

Online coaching in English presentation skills

Improve your performance and gain confidence in speaking English in front of an audience. Practice and polish your presentation or speech in intensive online executive coaching sessions with Susan Ring.

This is much more than an English lesson. As a former simultaneous conference interpreter, with years of experience of typical errors German speakers tend to make when presenting in English, Susan can immediately identify what needs to be worked on and guide you towards getting the best out of your English skills.

Here’s what some clients had to say:

Annett Urbaczka, Leiterin Unternehmenskommunikation, TransnetBW GmbH Susan versteht es, innerhalb kurzer Zeit das bestmögliche Ergebnis herauszuholen. Ihren praxisorientierten und fokussierten Ansatz schätze ich sehr. Ein echter Profi!

Alen Cevra, Geschäftsführer, TLT Group
Susan hat mich vor vielen Jahren bei der Vorbereitung meines ersten wichtigen englischen Vortrags unterstützt. Über Skype hat sie mich innerhalb kürzester Zeit fit gemacht und meiner Präsentation den letzten Schliff gegeben. Ich zehre heute noch von ihren Tipps von damals.

Stephan Ellenbeck, Geschäftsführer, elcas Real Estate
Susan hilft mir seit vielen Jahren immer wieder bei der Vorbereitung wichtiger englischsprachiger Termine. Ihre Professionalität, Kompetenz und extrem schnelle Auffassungsgabe sind beeindruckend.

In Berlin Friedrichshain and online.

Susan Ring

  • M.A. in Conference Interpreting
  • Diplom-Übersetzerin
  • Mühsamstrasse 65
  • D-10249 Berlin
  • Tel: 0049 (0) 173 299 21 03
  • E-mail: ringinterpreting@gmail.com